Caroline lives in the small Cornish town of St Ives with her creative husband and needy cats. Fueled by tea, coffee, and sometimes gin, she spends most of her time in the attic creating beautiful jewellery from resin and recycled aluminium.

Recycling has always been part of Carolines art; using driftwood and old washed up buoys to make mermaids and fish, or turning scraps of fabric into patchwork pillow cases. For her jewellery she uses recycled aluminium, which is lighter than silver and doesn't tarnish. Each piece is cut and hammered by hand in the attic or her studio shop on the harbour front where she has a front row seat watching naughty seagulls praying on pastys.

During beach walks Caroline often collects litter that is washed up along the shore. This plastic waste is thoughtfully given a second life in her resin jewellery. She also finds great joy in gathering quirky second-hand bits and bobs so you never know what you'll find encased in a bit of resin!